Digitalization / Innovation Workshops

Our Ideation workshops are guided by the "Ideation B", a proprietary ideation process and innovation curriculum. Our framework encompasses:

  • 361 degree Market Analysis
  • Strengths & Weaknesses Screening
  • Bet on the Future - Roulette
  • WE-sion
  • From Red to Blue Ocean
  • Collect - Enhance - Filter - Decide
  • Aim - Ask - Re-Aim

Product Sprints

We have a strong focus on the Design Sprint, and work with large companies to enable them to develop their ideas and products in a better and faster way. The Design Sprint– Jake Knapp developed at Google Ventures – is a workshop format for solving big problems and testing ideas within a week. In the end, you will have a high fidelity prototype which will be intensely tested by real users of your target group.